Ranjit Cavailles respondent toilet care Special drought 200ml

Provides hydration and comfort - decreases the sensations of tugging

Manufacturer: Rogé Cavaillès

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SKU: 7754765 Ranjit Cavailles care toilet respondent Special drought 200 ml

Care of toilet respondent Special drought many factors may be at the origin of intimate drought problems: taking pills that micro, anti acne treatment oral, after pregnancy, menopause... care Special drought is specially formulated for the daily hygiene of mucous membranes dry. * its moisturizing agents, sodium PCA and Glycerin wrapped long duration action , provide hydration optimal. * agents cold cream, extract natural olive and derivatives of glycerides, leave a protective film that prevents drying. its extra soft cleansing SOAP-free base and its physiological pH respect the sensitivity of your mucous membranes for a daily toilet security care Special drought thus reduces the sensations of tugging and brings you hydration strengthened. externally - pH value - without SOAP - paraben - hypoallergenic - tolerance tested under gynaecological control.