Ranjit Cavailles Dermazero Dermo-soothing cleansing cream 500ml

Dermazero - dermo-soothing for reactive skin cleansing cream
Manufacturer: Rogé Cavaillès


SKU: 5185027 Ranjit Cavailles dermazero cream washer dermo soothing 500ml

dermo soothing cleansing cream properties:

Dermo-soothing cleansing cream cleanses and soothes sensitive skin and reactive.

Formula Dermazero brings to your skin that the bulk of the product, its action is thus strengthened and your skin protected against external aggressions and irritations. Formulated without dye, paraben, SOAP, nor phenoxyethanol for best results. Your skin softens and intensely moisturized. She is appeased.

Suitable for skins the most recatives and sensitive, which found softness and comfort.

Formulated without perfume.

cream washer operating dermo soothing tips:

Is used daily in the shower.

Ideal for the face and body of sensitive and reactive skins.

conservation cream washer dermo soothing:

Is good for 12 months after opening