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Quies-snoring lozenges taste Mint/Eucalyptus 12 lozenges

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SKU 2054017 Quies-snoring lozenges sucking taste Mint/Eucalyptus 12 lozenges


Anti-snoring lozenges can reduce snoring overnight and will ensure a better quality of sleep.

Indicated for adults.

Tablet formula to suck offers optimal results thanks to its dissemination in large quantities of film-forming agent that allows to have a mechanical lubricating action that helps reduce the sound vibrations of the soft palate.

Assets gently disperse to act sustainably and ensure a better sleep throughout the night.

Taste Mint-eucalyptus, which gives a real feeling of freshness in the mouth.


Take 1 tablet to suck every night before bedtime and after brushing the teeth.

Dissolution time: 10-15 minutes


Mannitol, xanthan gum, lecithin of soya, magnesium stearate, croscermellose, yellow iron oxide, vitamin E, vitamin B6, flavors: menthol and eucalyptus

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