Quies Protection hearing Silicone ear Discretion 3 pairs

Comfortable and invisible ear protection

Manufacturer: Quies

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SKU: 6380021 Quies Protection Auditive Silicone Anti-Bruit Discrtion 3 Paires


You are of those who are hearing protection handy but too visible or little adapted to your morphology?

With Silicone ear plugs, you'll quickly change your mind: Finally a hearing protection transparent and comfortable to protect themselves from noise throughout the day.

Contrary to conventional products, Silicone ear plugs hearing protection is placed in the ear and not in the ear canal.

Finished the sensation of pressure in the duct: comfort is maximized thanks to the malleable, soft silicone texture.

Model in the conch of your flag and it quickly forget.

For fans of quiet, finally an alternative 100% comfort and discretion.

directions for use:

Place the Protection hearing Silicone ear PLUGS at the entrance of your ear canal to avoid the sensation of pressure in your ear.

Model the whole CAP slab-shaped, place it against your ear clean and dry, then press the edges until felt it properly adhere.




Box of 3 pairs