Quies Optik drops lubricant 10ml Contact lens

drops lubrifantes for soft contact lenses.
Manufacturer: Quies


SKU 6068766 Quies Optik drops lubricant 10ml Contact lens


Laboratories Quies developed drops lubricating for soft contact lenses. They allow to keeps moisture from the eye required for membership of the lens on it. Soothing, it preserves your ocular comfort.

Discomfort while wearing contact lenses is manifested by stinging and itching. To no longer feel these inconveniences, Quies offer their drops lubricating. No more choose between comfort and aesthetics. Adptez quies optik, its moisturizing formula provides lasting comfort for your eyes. These drops are also shown in the case of dry eye.

indications Quies Optik drops lubricating:

  • Retains moisture same disposable soft contact lenses

  • soothes the itching of the eye

  • brings a feeling of freshness upon application

operating tips:

Put 2 to 3 drops in the eye when contact lenses are in place. Repeat the operation as often as necessary.


Isotonic sterile solution containing the hypromellose.

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