Quies Optik 360ml

Multifunction solution for soft contact lenses
Manufacturer: Quies


SKU 9802451 Quies Optik 360 ml

indications :
Quies OPTIK is a multifunctional soft contact lens solution, suitable for clean, rinse, decontaminate, remove protein deposits, moisten, lubricate and store soft contact lenses
it just the Elimination of proteins, it is not necessary to use an additional product, unless your specialist recommend you.
it respects the pH and the secretion lacrimal. isotonicite
it can be used for the cleaning of silicone hydrogel lenses
it is not suitable for the thermal decontamination
Quies OPTIK recommends that you perform daily maintenance of your lenses.
To maintain a healthy relationship with your contact lenses, Quies OPTIK recommends that you follow the instruction manual and consult the precautions for use (inside the box).

contraindications :
there is no known use of the multifunctional Quies OPTIK solution contraindication , however if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this solution, do not use.

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