Quies lice & slow processing 3 1200 ml + offered comb shampoo

shampoo lice and slow 3 in 1.

Manufacturer: Quies

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SKU: 4135582 Quies lice & nits shampoo dealing with 3 1200 ml + offered comb

Size tiny, lice and nits elect domicile on the hair and it is difficult from the dislodge. contamination occurs through direct contact.

Properties: for years, Quies laboratories provide products for peace and the well-being of people on a daily basis.

They have developed a range of lice products and slow. This range of products thus provide an effective solution against these insects hair.

Range lice and nits offers the shampoo dealing with 3 in 1. It brings immediate and visible 100% efficiency in 15 minutes.

Indeed, thanks to its natural and fresh coconut oil, hair are not attacked and lice don't develop resistance.

The use of fine-tooth comb is complementary to shampoo for a complete removal of the nits.

In addition, this product provides 3 different actions:

  • it kills lice in 15 minutes,

  • it takes off and removes nits,

  • and he washes the hair.

Thus, the hair are treated while being washed.

operating Quies shampoo tips dealing with 3 in 1:

Shake the tube before use. Apply the product on previously wet hair. Then gently massage to properly distribute the product. Leave 15 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly. Switch provided on the still damp hair comb to remove nits and lice dead or choked.

Clean the comb after each bit to avoid the re-infestations.

Renew the application 3 to 5 days later.


Product without paraben and chemical insecticide.