Quies lice and slow Spray repellent 100ml

spray repellent lice and slow for a long protection period.
Manufacturer: Quies


SKU 4135547 Quies lice and slow Spray repellent 100ml

Size tiny, lice and nits elect domicile on the hair and it is very difficult to dislodge them. Contamination occurs by direct contact. However, they cause discomfort and transmit diseases. Therefore, it is important to drive out them of our heads.


for years, Quies laboratories provide products for peace and the well-being of people on a daily basis.

They have developed a range of lice products and slow. This range of products thus provide an effective solution against these insects hair.

Range lice and nits offers Spray repellent Quies. It brings an immediate effect and a long protection period.

This spray repellent lice and slow away these insects hair and tissues of the environment. It is effective to keep lice at Bay and avoid an infestation. In addition, it meets the hair and scalp.

Its use easy and efficient allows direct application on the areas to be treated, whether hair or sheets, caps, scarves...

Addition, pleasant fragrance leaves a good smell on hair and treated fabrics.

It is recommended to use this spray after treatment with 3 in 1 shampoo or cream Quies lice and slow.

, You are assured:

  • that all lice and nits are removed

  • and that there is more risk of reinfestation.

Tips for using Quies lice and nits Spray repellent:

Shake the spray before use.

In the case of prevention: use 3 times per week the spray,

Outbreak: use the spray every morning.

Spray the repellent spray, vertically, on all the hair, linen or clothes 2-3 times per day.


Children should be treated by an adult. Do not use in children under 3 years.

Hold the spray in a cool place.

Avoid contact with the eyes, otherwise rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

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