Quies lice and slow comb electronics

electronic comb to effectively eliminate the lice and nits.

Manufacturer: Quies

SKU: 7124040 Quies lice and nit comb electronics

Size tiny, lice and nits elect domicile on the hair and it is difficult from the dislodge. contamination occurs by direct contact. However, they cause inconvenience but transmit diseases. Therefore, it is important to drive out them of our heads.


Years, the Quies laboratories provide products for peace and the well-being of people on a daily basis.

They have developed a range of lice products and slow. This range of products thus provide an effective solution against these insects hair.

Range lice and nits offers the electronic comb Quies. It brings immediate and visible 100% efficacy.

The electronic comb Quies detects nits and lice to brushing and immediately kills. In addition, while eliminating the lice, it does not damage hair. Indeed, this comb is harmless to humans and imperceptible. It contains no chemical and is natural.

Its easy and convenient use brings a radical and simple solution to quickly get rid of lice and nits.Comb can be reused at will, safely.

Thus, in a few strokes of comb hair got rid of lice and nits.

Quies lice comb electronic operating tips:

Turn on the electronic comb by pressing the button is on the side of the comb. Pass the electronic comb throughout the hair, scalp to the tips, like a normal comb. Then with the cleaning brush, clean the comb to remove residues.


Product provided with a stack.

Read these instructions carefully prior to use.