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SKU: 9706486 Quies headband D'oreilles small size

Overview : high density neoprene headband provides comprehensive protection of the ears against water (swimming pool, sea, shower and bath...) anatomical shape which perfectly covers the ears, adjustable by system scratch and reversible. Texture soft and comfortable, ensuring a perfect adhesion. is particularly recommended by the ENT for aerators trantympaniques (diabolos, yoyos) carrying children and people prone to ear infections a repetition. neoprene is a thermal material that also protects the ears from the cold. it is suitable for any practical sports (ski (, surf..) Available in 2 sizes : small size: length 52 cm 40-55 cm head Circumference Large size: length 58 cm head Circumference: 55-60 cm Council of interview : Rinse with fresh water after each use Do not leave to dry in the sun