Quies ear Protection natural wax 12 pairs

SKU: 7476119 Quies natural wax 12 pairs

Description: The Authentic earplugs protect effectively noise and offer excellent attenuation of noise (dB-27). Disposable after each use, they are hygienic. Quies ear protection wax are made of a mixture of natural waxes and cotton to give excellent support in the ear.

indications: Protection of noise in noisy activities, at work (industrial environment), hunting, ball trap, Motorsports Protection of water (swimming, water sports, showers...) cold Protection to find the rest (when travelling, at home, at the hotel...) to focus on work, study in all quietude. hypoallergenic, they bring you comfort and protection.

formula: mixture of mineral waxes and natural cotton (100% cotton bleached without chlorine)

operating tips: Remove cotton, soften with hands perfectly clean. Adapt to the size and shape of the auditory Introduce the entire ball in the ear and gently tap Pull the lobe of the ear back to expel air from the auditory