Puressentiel small Grain bitter Bio 10 ml (Citrus aurantium)

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SKU: 9945423 Puressentiel small Grain bitter Bio 10 ml (Citrus aurantium)

Family: rutaceae Provenance: Paraguay producer body: leaves Type of smell: tart, floral, fresh uses possible: to be applied on the skin: Yes +++ (pure on a small surface, diluted in vegetable oil in case of repeated applications, on a large surface or if the skin is sensitive.) A swallow: Yes + A breathing: Yes + ON the appreciated because that... its citrus with a pronounced note of orange fragrance soothes immediately. Operating tips on the skin: apply a few drops pure along the spine, under the arch and on the solar plexus. breathe 1 drop pure on the face internal each wrist and breathe deeply. bath: immerse yourself for a good 20 minutes in a warm bath (37 C at least), paying in advance 10 drops of small grain bitter diluted in 1 tablespoon of base for bath or milk, just before bedtime. distribute 40 drops of small grain bitter with a diffuser in the day or in the evening, at the time where you need it the most need. on the skin: apply 2 to 4 drops pure on the area concerned. Other uses possible this essential oil is particularly suitable for children, which she soothes and promotes sleep. Contraindications and remarks like all essential oils, small grain is prohibited during the first 3 months of pregnancy. It should not be used during breastfeeding.