Puressentiel slimming suppressant inhaler to 5 essential oils


SKU 9661281 Puressentiel cutting hunger inhaler to 5 essential oils

Inhaler Puressentiel cutting hunger to 5 oils essential anti-fringales, calming and satiety.
the natural anti-grignotage ideal to breathe calmly thinness always close at hand.


Association of 5 essential oils HEBBD (oil essential Botaniquement and Biochimiquement defined): bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, Tangerine.

governing use:

Wear the inhaler at the entrance to the nostril, plug the other nostril and deeply inhale the aromas of essential oils by taking 3 big inspirations.
Repeat with the other nostril the same way.
renew as many times as you feel necessary.


Not recommended for children less than 7 years, to pregnant women and nursing mothers, people with allergies to any of the components. Keep out of reach of children - do not swallow - use external.

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