Puressentiel skin beauty organic Massage oil 100 ml

This oil regenerating, true beauty serum, beautifies, rafermit and restores all their brilliance to released and tired skins.
Manufacturer: Puressentiel
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SKU 4897352 Puressentiel care and Massage the skin 100 ml beauty oil

bottle 100 ml

real wood rose, Granium rosat, helichrysum, lavender organic essential oils, Ylang ylang. Organic vegetable oils, musk Rose, evening primrose, Borage, Sesame.

bio vegetable Oils, 100% of natural origin, not tested on animals, no stain.

Used in daily massage of the face, bust and body.

oil care and organic beauty skin massage the rosehip and rose wood. Revitalising, firming, nourishing and beautifying.

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