Puressentiel sickness Roller 7 essential oil 5 ml

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Puressentiel sickness: 15% concentration in essential oils. Prevent and relieve gag States

Manufacturer: Puressentiel

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SKU: 4633216 Puressentiel Roller evil of transport to the 7 essential oil 5 ml

Overview: range holiday < br > 15% concentration in essential oils 7 essential oils of this roller is both affect the nervous system and digestive. they are excellent balancing agents and harmonizing of the nervous system they have tonic and stimulating digestive properties and are also anti-spasmodic. they help fight nausea , and all headaches due to transportation (car, boat, plane...) very effective, they act by epidermal penetration, their released assets locally acting quickly and effectively. < br > 100% natural Without dye Unpreserved Without synthetic perfume Without mineral oils Non Tested on animals

Indications: To help to : Prevent and relieve gag states

formula: Association 7 essential oils HEBBD, measured at 15% (oil essential Botaniquement and Biochimiquement defined): tropical basil, lemon, ginger, True Lavender Tangerine, marjoram to shell, peppermint.

operating tips: well shake the roller and then apply it on the region of the veins of the wrists, temples and neck. after you apply the roller on the wrists, rub one against the other and by slow, deep inspirations, calmly breathe the aromas of essential oils released on the skin. take 5 great inspirations. use prevention several times in the previous hour all likely to be embarrassing travel (if possible proceed to 3 applications (: hour hour and just before taking the means of transport) renew the application as soon as the slightest feeling of nausea is felt. Precaudions of employment: After application, it is advisable not to expose to the sun's extended way - Very active, essential oils are to be used in accordance with the instructions for use - Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes - Deprecated as a precaution for children less 3 years and pregnant women or alaitant - In case of irritation, flush with a vegetable oil - Keep out of reach of children - Do not swallow - Keep away from light.

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R. Beata
  the 10/01/2022
3/ 5
Good quality and effective but I'm not too keen on the smell - that's a personal preference though.