Puressentiel respiratory Spray Nasal 15ml

For help: cleaning, moisten, clear the nose, clean up and release the nasal mucosa congested.
Manufacturer: Puressentiel


SKU 9718319 Puressentiel respiratory Spray Nasal 15ml

Overview :
to help clear and clean the upper respiratory tract. Gentle and non-irritating action. Its solution based on seawater and bio Rosemary floral water is enriched with essential oils (eucalyptus expunged, geranium, ravintsara, niaouli) decongestant properties and infection. It contains also the propolis and one extract of echinacea that strengthen the organization.

instruction manual :
shake Well before each use.
Adults: 2 sprays per nostril (maximum 5 times/day).
Children: aged 7, 1 spray per nostril (maximum 5 times/day).
use within 2 weeks after opening.

packaging :
Vial 5 ml

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