Puressentiel respiratory Spray air 19 oils Essentielles 20 ml

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To help clear the airway, preventing infections and strengthen natural defences.

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SKU: 4403491 Puressentiel respiratory Spray air 19 oils Essentielles 20 ml

Description: Range Respiratory < br > 40% concentration in essential oils 19 Spray Respiratory essential oils are ideal to help clear, sanitize, soothe the respiratory tract and relieve headaches due to climate change or periods of allergies. Not tested on animals.

indications: as soon As the first signs of cooling: first chills, colds, runny nose, throat irritation, watery eyes, sneezing, headache... To help to : Clear airway Prevent infections Strengthen the natural defenses

formula: without dye, without fragrance of synthesis, gas booster. Association of 19 oils essential HEBBD (oil essential Botaniquement and Biochimiquement defined): anise, Bay St Thomas, of Cajeput, Atlas cedar, lemon, nail of clove, Cypress, eucalyptus, true lavender, Lavandin grosso, mint peppery, niaouli, oregano, Scots pine , of Ravensara Aromatica, Rosemary, Sage, of Tea tree, thyme solvent used: alcohol denatured QSP 20 ml.

operating tips: This spray may be used in diffusion in the air, inhaled on your handkerchief on your pillow or in a bowl of water. dry inhaled: 2-3 sprays on a handkerchief to breathe deeply. To renew as soon as the smell fades. Evening at sunset, spray on a handkerchief laid near the pillow or directly on the pillow. in humid inhalation: 4 sprays in a bowl of hot water, not boiling. Cover the head with a towel and inhale for 10 minutes. Precautions for use: Very active, essential oils are to be used in accordance with the instructions for use - Avoid contact with the eyes or mucous membranes - in case of irritation, flush with a vegetable oil - Keep out of reach of children - Do not swallow - Do not spray on a heat source or on the skin - Keep away from light - Do not spray in the nose or mouth - not Recommended for children under 3 years.

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A. Anonymous
  the 30/11/2018
5/ 5
Great product for clearing the air around you. Small container though, but you only need one or two sprays.
A. Anonymous
  the 11/11/2016
5/ 5
Very good