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Puressentiel respiratory bath oils essential 100 ml 19

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SKU 4405886 Puressentiel respiratory bath oils essential 100 ml 19


Range respiratory 19 essential oils of the respiratory bath are ideal to help clear, sanitize, soothe the respiratory tract and sore due to climate change or periods of allergies. < br > 45% of concentration in essential oils This 100% natural bath contains essential virtues antiseptics, Sanitizer, antibacterial and soothing oils naturally promoting respiratory well-being by strengthening the defenses natural. bath dealing with non-foaming, non-washing and very gentle to the skin.


at the first signs of cooling: first chills, colds, runny nose, throat irritation, watery eyes, sneezing, headache... to help: Clear airway Prevent infections Strengthen the natural defenses


association of 19 essential oils HEBBD with 45% (oil essential Botaniquement and Biochimiquement defined): anise, Bay St Thomas, of Cajeput, Atlas cedar, lemon, nail of clove, Cypress, eucalyptus, true lavender, lavandin grosso, mint peppery, niaouli, oregano, Scots pine, of Ravensara Aromatica, Rosemary, Sage, of Tea tree , thyme Excipients to 100ml: oil of Castor EO, purified water, plant Ester.

operating tips: water bath (between 35 and 37 ), then pay the equivalent of a Cap. agitating to thoroughly distribute. do not pour into the tub empty due to high in oils essential. if possible, forward the bath with a cold shower of lower limbs and a short rest lying, legs elevated. You can also use this bath in foot baths. Precautions for use:

very active, essential oils are to be used in accordance with the operating mode. Avoid contact with the eyes or mucous membranes - deprecated as a precaution to children less than 3 years - in case of irritation, flush with a vegetable oil - keep out of reach of children - do not swallow - hold the dark.

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