Puressentiel oregano Compact Bio 5 ml (Origanum compactum)

Antibacterial, 'natural antibiotic' Antimycose, noise Antiviral Stimulates immunity mental Action Positivante, stimulating
Manufacturer: Puressentiel Expert


SKU 9945400 Puressentiel oregano Compact Bio 5 ml (Origanum compactum)

Family: Lamiaceae
Provenance: Balkans
producer body: flowering tops
Type of smell: spicy, pungent, heavy
uses possible:
to be applied on the skin: Yes + (only diluted and highly localized because there are possible risks of irritation in the pure State)
A swallow: Yes +++
A breathe: Yes +

ON the appreciated because that...

extraordinarily powerful, it is a real natural antibiotic. Essential ' winter' disease (colds, flu...) but also "the summer" (turista...)! Ideal also against all chronic infections that are resistant to the usual treatments or other antibacterial essential oils.

Properties major

Antibacterial, 'natural antibiotic'
Antimycose, noise

and also
Stimulates immunity

mental Action
Positivante, stimulating

Signs major

all infections of the respiratory tract: angina, bronchitis, flu, laryngitis, sinusitis, tracheitis
all intestinal infections: gastroenteritis, parasitic, infectious diarrhea...
all infections of the urinary tract : cystitis...

Operating tips

respiratory tract Infections:
swallow 2 drops on a neutral tablet, a small teaspoon of olive oil or a quarter of sugar or honey, 2 to 3 times a day for 7 to 10 days, be sure to well dilute 2 drops in the chosen medium because this essential oil is particularly strong!

apply 1 drop of oregano diluted in 8 drops of vegetable oil (St. John's wort if possible) and massage the chest and upper back for 7 to 10 days.

deep, physical, mental and nervous Fatigue:
swallow or apply - 2 drops put in 1 teaspoon of olive oil, honey or 1 small sugar, or apply 1 drop (diluted with 3 drops of vegetable oil) on the solar plexus and 1 drop (same dilution) on the top of the back, 3 times per day for 3 weeks maximum.

Contraindications and remarks

this essential oil is very powerful. Follow the recommended dosage. In particular, do not use for a long time (never more than 3 weeks in a row) and not multiply catches or applications.

do never apply pure, especially if the skin is sensitive.

it should not be used to for 'the daily bobos', but only in the event of problem concern or "resistant".

it is prohibited for the duration of pregnancy as well as moms who are breastfeeding. Professional advice is required if you want to use it in a young child.

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