Puressentiel Orange sweet Bio 10 ml (Citrus sinensis)

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SKU: 9945392 Puressentiel Orange sweet Bio 10 ml (Citrus sinensis)

Family: rutaceae

Source: Brazil

Producer body: Peel

Type of smell: characteristic of orange, fruity (soft), citrus

Uses possible:

to be applied on the skin : Yes +++ (pure on a small surface, diluted in vegetable oil in case of repeated applications, on a large surface or if the skin is sensitive, avoid exposure to sunlight after application as it is also photosensitizer) A swallow: Yes ++ A breathing : Yes ++ ON the appreciated because that... its characteristic scent is reassuring. Surely because has always known: when you peel an orange, it is this scent that tickles our nostrils! In fact, this essential oil calms the nerves of small and large and induces sleep. Operating tips Sanitizer air: stream 4 drops Orange using a diffuser or just ask on a saucer placed near a heat source. skin: face - mix 1 drop orange blossom in your dose of usual moisturizer morning and night. body - mix 50 drops of orange 10 cl of vegetable oil and massage the areas concerned, or the entire body. Other uses possible still an excellent kitchen aid! 2-4 drops in a soup, a salad or dressing, risotto, a sorbet, ice cream, a cake, fruit... salad is any citrus fragrance without the drawback of the Peel into pieces... Contraindications and remarks as for all the other citrus essential oils, it can cause allergies when applied on the skin. Try first on small surfaces, and always diluted. On the other hand, it is photosensitizing: do never apply before sun exposure! and, like all essential oils of sweet orange is prohibited during the first 3 months of pregnancy. It should not be used during breastfeeding.



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P. Martine
  the 03/05/2018
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Bonne qualité
D. Philippe
  the 22/04/2018
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pas encore essayé
L. Brigitte
  the 17/04/2018
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A. Nathalie
  the 17/04/2018
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Fan des huiles essentielles, j’adore cette marque
P. Françoise
  the 17/04/2018
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