Puressentiel Laurier Noble Bio 5 ml (Laurus nobilis)


SKU: 9942519 Puressentiel Laurier Noble Bio 5 ml (Laurus nobilis)

Family: Lauraceae Provenance: Balkans producer body: leaves Type of smell: aromatic, powerful, as in the kitchen uses possible: to be applied on the skin: Yes ++ (pure on a small surface, diluted in vegetable oil in case of repeated applications, on a large surface or if the skin is sensitive.) Attention! There is a risk of sensitisation with Laurel: made first a test by asking only 1 drop in the crook of the arm and wait a few hours. In the absence of reaction, you can apply it without fear) A swallow: Yes +++ A breathe: Yes + ON the appreciated because that... is an essential oil of the first plan, extremely efficient, versatile and well tolerated. If you were to buy a few for your family pharmacy, it would be part! Properties major the volatile oil of Bay contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms Operating tips on the skin: apply 10 drops pure on the thorax + 10 drops pure in the back, 6 times per day for respiratory disease (especially when coughing). If you have sensitive skin, dilute the essential oil at the rate of 1 drop to 9 drops of vegetable oil (macadamia) and apply in the same way, on the rib cage and the top of the back. oral: apply 12 drops pure (or mixed with 20 drops of vegetable oil of hazelnut if you have sensitive skin) 6 times a day on the abdomen. Other uses possible mix 1 drop of laurier with 1 drop of sweet almond vegetable oil and apply on the eyelashes. Contraindications and remarks the Bay may be allergenic. First try touches on the inside of the wrist or in the elbow before using on larger surfaces. like all essential oils, that Laurel is prohibited during the first 3 months of pregnancy. It should not be used during breastfeeding.