Puressentiel Juniper Bio 5 ml (Juniperus communis)

SKU: 9942459 Puressentiel Juniper Bio 5 ml (Juniperus communis)

Family: Cupressaceae Provenance: Slovenia producer body: berries + branches Type of smell: fresh, characteristic, balsamic uses possible: to be applied on the skin: Yes +++ (exclusively diluted) A swallow: Yes ++ A breathe: Non ON the appreciated because that... His double-hatted tens pain and antirondeurs makes it very attractive, especially in the eyes of women! Properties major Painkiller anti-inflammatory Antibronchite and also Diuretic Facilitates the elimination of toxins Signs major is the essential oil of rheumatism and rheumatic pain it relieves all the pain, especially to inflammatory component (arthritis, gout, neuritis, arthritis, sciatica). Operating tips apply locally 3 drops of Juniper diluted in 10 drops of vegetable oil. In bath - dilute 10 drops of Juniper in 1 tablespoon basis for bath or milk, pour into the tub filled with warm water and immerse yourself in this pain for 20 minutes minimum bath by adding hot water when the temperature drops. You can also hand baths if pain lie fingers. other very good indications water Retention, legs 'in post', cellulite (especially with oedema) apply 4 drops of Juniper diluted in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil from grape seeds and firmly (deeply) massage the areas concerned, always from the bottom up (from ankles to thighs). For the arms, leave extremities (wrist) will go to the shoulders. The purpose is to accompany the venous return In bath - immerse yourself in a slimming bath! Mix 10 drops of Juniper in 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, bath base or milk, pour in hot water and enjoy your water break to massage problem areas under water. Other uses possible you know necessarily the juniper berries, from which it takes the essential oil. These are the small black balls added as seasoning in sauerkraut! Nothing prevents to flavour certain dishes, including sauerkraut, with 2 drops of Juniper (mix them previously in the white wine that is used to cook the Sauerkraut). Surprising and delicious! Contraindications and remarks this essential oil is prohibited during the first trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also deprecated in case of kidney disease.