Puressentiel essential oil diffuser

SKU: 9959193 Puressentiel essential oil diffuser


Puressentiel Essential oil diffuser is a mist and a humidifier. It allows to breathe clean air and take full advantage of the benefits of essential oils.

This by misting essential oil diffuser:

  • ionizes the air,

  • humidify the air,

  • brings a fresh light colour-changing,

  • has a tank large capacity, ideal for the small and large surface, which allows a broadcast for more than 12 hours.

Team of a broadcast by ultrasound, this diffuser system delivers a light water mist. Thus, it moistens the air to improve the comfort of the respiratory tract.

More, very quiet, it can be used in all environments to clean indoor air and chasing bad odours. It is very useful during high heat, overheated room,...

Tips for using Puressentiel essential oil diffuser:

Prior to use, refer to the instruction manual provided inside the product.


Use of 100% pure and natural essential oils.