Puressentiel diffuser outlet for essential oils


SKU: 2108701 Puressentiel diffuser outlet for oils essential


Laboratory Puressentiel specialises in oils.

Therefore, it developed a Diffuser outlet for essential oils in order to breathe and enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

The system is that by gentle heat. This gentle heat system perfectly preserves the properties of essential oils and do not denatures them.

In addition, it is ideal for everyday use safely and is integrated everywhere, in life as in the workplace.

This diffuser has many advantages:

  • it is convenient because of small size and plugs into a wall outlet,

  • lid is secure,

  • it has a light that lights up or turns off according to its functioning,

  • his judgment is automatic after 8 hours of broadcast, so it is convenient for the night.

Puressentiel diffuser outlet operating tips:

Press the button On / Off. When the light is blue, the diffuser is lit.

Pour essential oils into the metal tank provided.


Works on all outlets 230V.