Puressentiel diffuser humidifier baby

diffuser baby humidifier to moisten pleasantly living babies and children space.
Manufacturer: Puressentiel
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SKU 6184662 Puressentiel diffuser humidifier baby


Diffuser humidifier baby Puressentiel is specially designed for babies and children living spaces.

It is equipped with a broadcast system delivering a light water mist ultrasonic. This system allows pleasantly humidified ambient air and improve the comfort of the respiratory tract of the small and the large.

When the water tank is filled, the broadcast can last up to 5 hours.

Very quiet, it can be used night and broadcast will stop automatically once the tank empty.

During operation, the dissemination may be accompanied by an ambient colour-changing light that can serve as a pilot.

operating Puressentiel diffuser baby humidifier tips:

Refer to the instructions inside the box.


Do not use for one purpose other than that for which the diffuser is intended.

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