Puressentiel Deodorant Stick Men 50ml

SKU: 9927572 Puressentiel Deodorant Stick Men 50 ml

Overview : regulates daily excessive sweating. Sustainable protection. more deodorant Stick Bio Men :-Non fatty -Non sticky -does not stain -leaves no trace on the skin -fresh, light scent -without Aluminum salt -certified Bio * bactericidal effect, purifying and deodorizing: lemon Bio essential oil, essential oil of bergamot Bio * cool effect : Organic Peppermint hydrolat * regulatory Effect: Extract of Ylang-Ylang operating tips: Apply directly under the armpits, on a dry skin and clean. Composition: essential Oil of Lemon Bio essential Oil of Bergamot Bio Peppermint Organic Floral Water Extract of Ylang-ylang