Puressentiel cinnamon of Ceylon Bio 5 ml (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

SKU: 9942301 Puressentiel cinnamon of Ceylon Bio 5 ml (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Family: Lauraceae Provenance: Ceylon producer body: bark Type of smell: spicy, hot uses possible: to be applied on the skin: not because it is very aggressive for the skin and there are possible risks of irritation in the pure State. Has rigour diluted in vegetable oil and a small area of skin, but not in the child. A swallow: Yes ++ provided they are well incorporated with honey or mixed to olive oil because it may burn mucous membranes to the pure state A breathing: Non ON the appreciated because that... cinnamon supports the respiratory and urinary system.

Operating tips swallow 2 drops posed on a small sugar, 1 neutral tablet or a spoon teaspoon of honey or olive oil and let melt in mouth 3 times per day apply 1 drop of cinnamon mixed with 10 drops of macadamia vegetable oil and massage the stomach for digestion, the lower abdomen for the urinary system.

other uses possible In kitchen, 1 or 2 drops flavour beautifully a fruit salad or a cake. Contraindications and remarks is an aggressive essential oil for the skin, therefore never use it pure (always diluted in vegetable oil) bath and not in the young child. is prohibited during any pregnancy and breastfeeding , and strongly discouraged in children under the age of 5 years.