Puressentiel broadcasts Anti-Pique 30ml

Complex of essential oils against insect bites. Can be used with a broadcaster.

Manufacturer: Puressentiel

SKU: 5147593_01 Puressentiel broadcasts Anti-Pique


the oils essential Puressentiel are 100% pure and natural recognised for their properties repulsive.

Puressentiel Diffuse Anti-Pique has 4 essential oils known for their repulsive actions. This complex contains essential oils Mint anti-infective properties, lavender and Lemongrass repellent properties, geranium to anti-bacterial properties that will allow to keep insects and avoiding bites.

Tips for using Puressentiel Diffuse Anti-Pique:

Diffuse Anti-Pique is used with a diffuser by nebulization cold. For small locations and drop a few drops on a saucer near a source of heat or linen. An essential oil should never be burned or heated above 30 C, otherwise the active ingredients are destroyed.