Puressentiel Anti-Pique Spray 75ml

spray repellent Puressentiel against mosquito bites. 100% natural assets.
Manufacturer: Puressentiel
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SKU 5441795 Puressentiel Spray Anti-Pique


Puressetiel offers a Spray Anti-Pique oils essential assets 100% natural, this spray is a repellent against mosquitoes and soothes existing bites. It has an efficiency of 7 h in temperate Europe and an efficiency of 6 h in the tropics.

Puressentiel is suitable for the adult and the child. It can be sprayed directly on the skin like the clothing or even a mosquito net.

this product soothes also bites with assets of 5 essential oils, tea tree, citronella Java , Lavandin Grosso, Niaouli and peppermint.

precautions for use:

this product is not recommended for children less than 30 months as well as to pregnant women or breast-feeding.

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