Puressentiel anti-lice treatment full lotion 100ml & comb + Shampoo 200ml

processing complete lice with a lotion, a comb and a shampoo to effectively eliminate the lice and nits.

Manufacturer: Puressentiel

SKU: 2657968 Puressentiel complete anti-lice lotion treatment 100ml & comb + Shampoo 200ml

Puressentiel laboratory has developed a treatment complete lice which contains:

  • a lotion and a comb,

  • a daily shampoo.

Puressentiel anti-lice treatment full Lotion 100ml + comb:


Lotion lice of the Puressentiel laboratory is a treatment complete lice. Indeed, it eliminates head lice, larvae and nits safely:

  • vegetable oils of coconut, calophyllum, jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond and Castor are acting so mechanical, obstruction of the respiratory holes of lice, larvae and slow. Thus, the lice are suffocated and may not develop resistance,

  • essential oils of lavender, clove, tea tree and geranium soothes itching of the scalp.

Addition, this lotion 100% natural respects the hair and does not irritate the scalp. Thus, it is gentle to the hair and the environment. It is active in 10 minutes.

This lotion is accompanied by a comb to remove lice and nits that remain after the application of lotion. This comb is made of steel and its teeth are microcanneles for optimal elimination.

Hair is soft, shiny, without lice and itching.

operating tips:

Apply generously stripe by stripe lotion on dry hair to obtain a complete impregnation.

Leave on 10 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo Puressentiel Pouxdoux or a usual shampoo.

Pass the comb to remove lice, larvae and slow dead.

A second application 3 days later is required.


Without insecticide, no preservative, no silicone.

Puressentiel shampoo daily Pouxdoux 200ml:

Shampoo Pouxdoux is used in addition to the lice lotion.

It thus:

  • clean the scalp,

  • to help take off the nits and dead lice.

It perfectly complements the treatment for effective and sustainable removal of lice and nits.

In addition, it can be used daily to ensure the protection and natural hygiene of the whole family.

operating tips:

Apply the shampoo to wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Avoid contact with eyes.


Not recommended in children under 3 years, pregnant or lactating women.