Pure Aloe milk moisturizing Aloe Vera 30% 250ml

SKU: 60000812 Pure Aloe milk moisturizing Aloe Vera 30% 250 ml


This body lotion combines moisturizing, astringent and refreshing Aloe Vera properties to the nourishing qualities of beeswax and organic sweet almond oil. It respects the skin's pH and reinforces the lipid film natural, protective of the epidermis. Ylang-ylang essential oil adds a note quietly fleurie. 99.37% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and 31.95% of the total ingredients are from organic agriculture the range of treatments and cosmetic pure Aloe is ecologically and biologically certified by Ecocert F32600 sas. This body lotion is made is France.

Tips for using pure Aloe hydrating milk:

Use milk moisturizer morning and night, after a bath or shower, apply all over the body by doing enter through gentle massage.


Aloe Vera Bio certified native 30%, sweet organic almond oil, oil essential Bio of Ylang-ylang.