Pure Aloe Gel Aloe Vera drink 1 L

Aloe Vera Gel drink for digestive wellness
Manufacturer: Pur Aloé


SKU 6000063 pure Aloe Gel Aloe Vera drink 1 L


The Gel of Aloe Vera drinking pure Aloe is extracted from the fresh pulp from organically grown Aloe Vera leaves. These leaves are picked up and peeled by hand. Gel is obtained by pressure cold and filtration on coal plant.
thicker than juice, it adheres better to the walls intestinal.

the pulp of Aloe Vera contains an impressive set of useful molecules: polysacchrides steroid acidic tannin, amino acids (proteins), vitamins, minerals.

Aloe Vera supports gastrointestinal health. It also contributes to natural defenses against microorganisms.

Tips for using Gel of Aloe Vera drink:

15 cl on an empty stomach 1 glass every morning for 3-6 weeks for a conclusive outcome. These cures are renewable without risk.
it is recommended to take one tablespoon before each meal.


extract from Aloe vera Bio 99.39% pulp
thickener: xanthan gum
antioxidant: Ascorbic acid
Inulin of Organic bitter orange

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