Pure Aloe Aloe Vera Intense 35% 50ml face cream

35% of aloe vera face firming cream. Learn more
Manufacturer: Pur Aloé


SKU 6000162 pure Aloe cream Aloe Vera face Intense 50ml


This facial revitalizing cream is a version enriched with aloe vera 35%, but also a cocktail of noble materials such as beeswax, Shea butter, Sesame oil, oil of Macadamia, the carrot extract, all known to promote good be and the regeneration of the skin. This formula provides a complete redesign of your skin, often attacked by the difficult conditions such as stress, pollution and dryness. Your skin will be smoother, softer and smoother, reconstituted. Better protected, it will be also more toned and will appear thus rejuvenated through an effect tensor. Finally, these composont are 40% from biological farming and natural.

pure Aloe cream face Intense operating tips:

It is advisable to apply a DAB of cream Intense Puraloe on the face and neck in the evening before bedtime. Well massage to get.

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