Pur Aloe Vera Gel Organic 250ml

Gel aloe vera organic, moisturizing and healing.

Manufacturer: Pur Aloé

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SKU: 6000191 pure Aloe Aloe Vera Gel Bio 250ml


Pure Aloe is an ecological care brand, its products are derived from organic agriculture certify Bioagricert, from fair trade, that encouraging, the work of small producers in the world. Contained in this gel aloe vera is grown in Mexico.

The repeated application of aloe vera soothes irritation, burning, and pain. It speeds up the healing process and provides an immediate cooling effect. Scientific research has shown that aloe vera hydrates the skin thanks to its considerable percentage in water, and especially because it helps the skin retain its moisture. Aloe vera nourishes and regenerates the skin and anti aging: aloe vera much more easily penetrates the skin than water, it readily crosses the epidermis to go feed the DermIS and hypodermis and activate the blood microcirculation thanks to its richness in vitamins and amino acids. It thus accelerates the production of new cells.

Tips for using Aloe Vera Gel:

  • apply in the case of dryness, in daily care face and body cream for the hands and feet.
  • Applying shaving gel or aftershave.
  • Apply as hair gel.
  • Apply to the scratches and chapping.
  • Apply on minor burns, sunburn, insect bites, itching.

For best storage, it is advisable to place this tube in the refrigerator