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Prorhinel Spray adult Jet tonic 150ml

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SKU 9461458 Prorhinel Spray adult Jet tonic 150 ml

colds or nasopharyngitis, the nasal mucosa assaulted by viruses reacts by developing an inflammatory response that leads to an increase in nasal secretions. This is manifested by a stuffy nose or a nose which flows.

nasal washing with Prorhinel spray adult tonic Jet:
-Facilitates the removal of mucus and infectious agents
-Decreases nasal obstruction
-Releases the nose for better breathing

-a tonic jet especially suitable for clear the congested nose
-a mouthpiece with a form adapted to the morphology of the nose of the adult
-a closed system that protects the product of any contamination.

operating tips:
Conduct 13 washes per day
-To blow before the nose
-While tilting the head to one side and gently place the tip of the nozzle in the upper nostril
-free Pressure for 2-3 seconds
-Boucher the upper nostril, the liquid should flow out the other nostril
-Repeat the operation on the other nostril after changing the position of the head

Precautions job:
clean and dry the nasal tip after each use and use a personal spray.

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