Prorhinel children - adults 100ml Spray

Nasal colds or nasopharyngitis spray

Manufacturer: ProRhinel



SKU: 4365230 Prorhinel children - adults 100 ml Spray

indications: children. Adults nasal Spray under pressure. nasal Lavage in case of colds and nasopharyngitis. 1 thinner + 1 antiseptic. colds or nasopharyngitis, the nasal mucosa assaulted by viruses reacts by developing an inflammatory response that leads to an increase in nasal secretions. This manifests itself by a stuffy nose or a nose which flows. nasal washing with ProRhinel Spray children & adults :-facilitates the removal of mucus and infectious agents, -decreases nasal obstruction, -releases the nose for better breathing. washing has a tip with a form adapted to the morphology of the nose of adults and children from 6 years. Pressure ensures a respectful soft wash of mucous membrane nasal. closed system protects the product from any contamination. operating tips: previously blow nose. while tilting the head to one side and gently insert the tip of the nozzle into nostril top Frank pressure for 2 or 3 seconds. clog the upper nostril , the liquid should flow out the other nostril. Repeat the operation on the other nostril after changing the position of the head (always wash the upper nostril). Blow the nose if needed. Conduct 13 washes per day and per nostril. Humidification: ProRhinel Spray can also be used to moisten the nasal: 2 brief sprays in each nostril 2 to 3 times per day. Don't blow your nose violently during the 10 minutes after the spraying. Composition: Polysorbate 80, benzododecinium bromide in anhydrous substance, excipients