Professional FittyDent tablets cleaners box 32

SKU: 6575865 Professional FittyDent tablets cleaners box 32

Properties: fresh breath guarantee. The powerful cleaning action quickly removes all the germs responsible for bad breath and dental plaque. Minty aroma refreshes dentures and orthodontic appliances a smile bright. The sodium bicarbonate formula cleans, promotes the removal of tartar and prevents the formation of dental plaque and yellowing. These tablets also ensure the elimination of tar and nicotine stains and the dissolution of stubborn stains, especially in hard to reach places. Residues are eliminated. protection efficient and very soft. The ingredients in these tablets help keep gums healthy. They remove particles of food responsible for the irritation of the gums. They cause no corrosion of the metallic elements operating tips: -Remove the device and rub the under water with a toothbrush -Put a tablet cleaner in a glass of warm water -Place 5 minutes the appliance in the effervescent solution -Remove and rinse the appliance under running water -Dry completely before applying the fixative