Prevens wipes self-tanning sachet of 5 wipes

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SKU: 4688200 Prevens wipes self-tanning sachet of 5 wipes

Description: at a glance, this new generation of wipes ensures a good effect mine uniform and ultra natural as after a day in the open air, on the whole of the face and body. Medium non woven, large size, glides over the skin and allows an application without the risk of traces on the areas of your choice, including the most difficult (behind the knees and ankles). first colors appear an hour: the hale is intense, uniform and Golden, soft, satiny and durably moisturised skin. their rich in vitamin E solution , powerful antioxidant, helps fight free radicals, harmful chemical species generated by external attacks sips of moisturisers, they leave perfectly smooth skin. is tanning at zero risk! its individually wrapped packaging simplifies its transport and its use.

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A. Anonymous
  the 17/03/2017
5/ 5
Great for providing a warm glow- I use on my face and neck and a wipe the right size