Predictor blood pressure monitor arm

blood pressure monitor for an auto tension control

Manufacturer: Predictor

SKU: 4707647 Predictor blood pressure monitor arm

Predictor blood pressure monitors facilitate the auto attendant at home or while traveling. For a better measure of voltage, it is imperative to position the unit at the height of your heart and to carry out the measurement in a stable environment.

Practice, quick, it fills you in a few moments, with total reliability. Its 2 x 60 memory allow 2 people use it simultaneously. With this blood pressure monitor, you can have an average of the last 3 measurements.

Gives the average of last 3 measurements

classification indicator of hypertension according to the World Health Organization

heart arrhythmia indicator: indicator irregular heartbeat

  • Possible PC connection
  • cuff diameter: 13.5/22 cm
  • pressure logbook
  • Auto off
  • storage pouch
  • batteries included
  • warranty 2 years.