Prebutix Lotion Insecticide clothing fabrics curtains 100ml

lotion products prebutix for textiles.
Manufacturer: Pierre Fabre Sante Conseil


SKU 9644153 Prebutix Lotion Insecticide clothing fabrics curtains 100 ml


The protection of your curtains by a spray of insecticide, to preserve the serenity of your home, invasions of insects flying but also rampant. Actually, we think often enough, but when the warm weather arrives, many unwanted insects invade our habitats and their main entries, these are windows and doors that remain often open. So, if you want peace, spray your curtains and the circumference of your windows of an insecticide and repellent agent, which will naturally repel these intruders. The laboratory Pierre Fabre offers Prbutix Lotion Insectice clothing fabrics and curtains. Kills mosquitoes and biting insects.

operating Prebutix Lotion Insecticide clothing fabrics curtains tips:

Shake the bottle before use and spray widely and uniformly on all the fabrics you want to protect, in a ventilated room:

  • Count forty sprays for an adult outfit, resisting two washings, over a period of about four to six weeks.
  • The solution does not stain and not colored.
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