Pranarôm PranaBb oil massage Bio digestive comfort 15 ml

Baby has colic... It is bloated and I'm afraid that there bad tummy.

Manufacturer: Pranarom

SKU: 5179601


Digestive - comfort as soon as 3 kg BIO - massage oil


Massage oil 'Digestive comfort' is a certified organic oil with essential oils of noble Chamomile, true lavender, small grain bitter orange and fennel. A synergy of aromatic for relieve cramps at the level of the stomach, promote digestion and soothe agitation of the baby following the sensation of discomfort.

Tips to use:

In the case of bloating


From 3 kg, 2 sprays by application on the belly of the baby before the meal. A repeat if necessary. Massage the tummy in a clockwise direction. Do not exceed 4 applications per day.


Essential oil 100% organic Chamomile noble, true lavender, small grain bitter orange and fennel + vegetable oils 100% organic sunflower and apricot kernel