Pranarôm oil essential Yuzu 5ml

Oil calming and soothing, recommended in the case of asthma.
Manufacturer: Pranarom


SKU 0851859 Pranarom Huile Essentielle Yuzu 5Ml


Oil Pranarôm essential Yuzu 5 ml Chemotyped (H.E.C.T) is botanically certified, 100% natural because no denatured by synthetic components, by oils or mineral spirits, 100% pure as not cut with other essential oils and 100% total because not discolored, non peroxyde, non-oil and non-rectified.

Yuzu essential oil is recommended in case of nervous asthma, respiratory oppression, stress, restlessness, excitement, anger, insomnia, anxiety or anxiety.

It is calming and soothing.

directions for use:

Oral: 1 to 2 drops of essential oil in honey or a sugar cane after the meal.

Dermal: a few drops of essential oil diluted in vegetable oil of hazelnut in local application.

Do not use during pregnancy and breast feeding and in the child of less than 3 years.


Citrus Junos.


Bottle of 5 ml.

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