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BIO - harmonious childbirth - oil massage
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During childbirth


This remarkable

massage oil is before any assistance olfactotherapique intended to reassure and to relax the mother-to-be while giving him the moral strength to tap the physical energy required during childbirth. A precious olfactory time.

Tips to use:

To reassure and relax the mother-to-be


From the beginning of the work, apply several drops of the mixture in a massage on the inside of the wrists, on the solar plexus, and especially on the lower back. Insofar as the mother-to-be accepts it, let the massage by the spouse, in order to strengthen the complicity of the couple. Repeat these massages at regular intervals (every 20 to 30 minutes) to use the entirety of the 5 ml bottle (this represents approximately 160 drops). NB: This relaxation strategy can already be initiated from the few days preceding the expected date of childbirth.


Essential oils and plant 100% biological noble and precious essential oils: Rose of Damascus, true lavender, Bay, noble Chamomile, Neroli, marjoram shells and clove. - soothing fragrances to experience the intense moment of childbirth with confidence and serenity. Vegetable oil: rapeseed



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