Pranarôm essential oil BIO 5ml Damascus Rose

Pranarôm oil essential BIO Rose of Damascus (5ml)

Manufacturer: Pranarom

SKU: 0850367


This essential oil, symbol of love, fleeting beauty and fragility of life; receives many applications. therapeutic rose remaining after the distillation water is an excellent tonic recommended for all types of skin and in the case of wrinkles, its astringent action of skin tissues the positions among the best assets. you can put 1 to 2 drops in your usual. cream It will be used for the care of the eyes irritated. Simply olfactory use mostly ORGANIC damask rose essential oil use: just breathe it to enjoy its psycho-emotional benefits. Oil chemotyped essential

Indications :

, Massage, oral after notice of a professional and compliance with appropriate precautions.

Operating tips:

Diffusion: a few drops in your diffuser oils essential. skin care: 1 drop in a tablespoon of vegetable oil in application daily or 1 drop in a daily dose of cream. nervous system: massage along the spine, on the solar plexus and the soles of the feet diluted in vegetable oil (jojoba preferably)


100% bio Damascus rose oil.


Bottle of 5 ml.