Pranarôm diffuser ultrasonic Rainbow Orange

Rainbow is an ultrasonic diffuser oils of high technological quality. Under the effect of the ultrasonic vibrations, essential oils in suspension in the water are arranged into micro-particles in the form of aromatic mist.
Manufacturer: Pranarom


SKU 0851494


The ultrasonic RAINBOW - Orange


Easy to use and maintain, the Rainbow diffuser will make you discover the benefits of essential oils and allow you to purify the air or relax by creating a custom olfactory ambiance!

Tips to use:

For flavoring the air


In all your living spaces: ideal at home or in the office. Coverage area: 30 m1


technical data 2 continuous broadcast functions: 1 hour or 4 hours light of Ariance LED automatic shut-off or manual operation on mains Membrane ultrasonic changeabl.

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