Pranarôm diffuser ultrasonic Alpha Brown

diffuser ultrasonic Brown alpha to clean the air while creating an aromatic atmosphere.
Manufacturer: Pranarom
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SKU 0851491 Pranarôm diffuser ultrasonic Alpha Brown


Alpha is a diffuser ultrasonic Brown trend.

Its operation is simple and allowed continuous or discontinuous essential oils. It allows to clean the air while relaxing and creating an aromatic atmosphere to suit your needs.

Ideal in the office or at home, its design fits perfectly in your living space.

Tips for using Pranarôm diffuser Alpha Brown:

remove the lid and fill the tank with water. Add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. Then close the lid.

Finally, connect the cable to the diffuser and plug the adapter into the wall outlet.

then choose the broadcasting mode by pressing once or twice on the button ON / OFF.


Always unplug the appliance when you fill it or clean it.

do not place the power cable on a hot surface.

do not keep out of reach of children.