Pranarôm Aromapar Lotion spray 30ml

Lotion that protects the hair of lice
Manufacturer: Pranarom
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Hair protected - Lotion spray - paraben


Whatever the usual care we provide them, the effects of proximity in the classes expose our little darlings to certainly transient annoyances but causing much inconvenience. AROMAPAR is a natural product: fresh application, it can be used as often as necessary without damaging the scalp, smell fresh and pleasant, it is appreciated by children and their MOM...

Tips to use:

In the case of head lice


The use of the product is simple but must be done rigorously: protection: 2 sprays on sensitive areas (temples and neck) AROMAPAR lotion in the morning before the start in school. For more severe cases:-12 sprays AROMAPAR lotion to the scalp at the base of the hair protecting the eyes. -Wellness massage to distribute the lotion on the hair and scalp. -The hair should look wet. -Allow at least 30 minutes. -Wash the hair with a shampoo soft or with AROMAPAR shampoo. -Carefully comb the hair with a fine comb dipped in warm vinegar. -Repeat this method of applying 1 time per week for 3 consecutive weeks. In the case of persistent problem: repeat the complete operation for 3 consecutive days.


With essential oils of: Tea-tree, Ylang-ylang, Lavandin, disbarred Eucalyptus, clove, Pennyroyal, Myrtle, oregano in Greece.



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