Pouxit XF lice and slow 200ml

SKU: 5157002 Pouxit XF lice and slow 200ml

Lice and nits are insects that cling to the hair and drink the blood of the person. However, these insects can bring diseases. However, it is often difficult to remove them.


Cooper laboratories have innovated an anti-lice product to effectively eliminate insects.

Pouxit XF is a lotion lice and nits without insecticide and soft. It is recommended in the treatment of lice and nits in children over 6 months as in adults.

With its new formula patented and strengthened the Penetrol, Pouxit XF overactive its action against the nits and kills 100% of lice and nits in 15 minutes. More need second application or a night full of laying.

Pouxit XF is colorless and odorless for discreet treatment.

The scalp is most infested. Lice and nits are totally eliminated.

Pouxit XF operating tips:

Shake the bottle before any application.

  • cover the shoulders with a towel to avoid staining clothes. Then apply the lotion to dry hair evenly.
  • massage hair for a total impregnation. Allow 15 minutes.
  • Finally, wash your hair with a shampoo applying it directly to the hair without wet them. Rinse the hair and repeat if necessary shampoo.

Attention, if not this shampoo foam is normal, Pouxit XF contains anti-foaming agents.


Do not swallow and do not apply to injured skin.