Pouxit Extra strong Spray 100ml

100% effective for lice and slow without insecticide

Manufacturer: Cooper

SKU: 9669532 Pouxit Extra strong Spray 100 ml


Pouxit is indicated for the treatment of scalp and nits in the adult lice and the child over 6 months.


Before use, it is necessary to remove the safety colour clip.

  • shake the bottle before use.
  • cover the shoulders with a towel to prevent endeavour clothing.
  • spray lotion to 10 cm away from the hair. Apply Pouxit Spray enough and evenly on the scalp and dry hair so as to completely cover them.
  • massage hair in order to obtain a complete impregnation of the hair.
  • leave the 15-minute product.
  • wash the hair with a shampoo applying it directly to the hair without the wet with water. Rinse. redo a shampoo according to the same procedure.