Pouxit Extra strength Lotion lice 100ml

Anti-lice lotion, 1 application 15 min

Manufacturer: Cooper



SKU: 9669549 Pouxit Extra strength Lotion lice 100 ml


POUXIT XF is indicated in the treatment of scalp and nits in the adult lice and the child over 6 months.

instruction manual:

Use externally only on hair and scalp. Do not swallow.

well shake the bottle before use and follow the instructions below : 1 - cover the shoulders with a towel 2 - apply enough and evenly POUXIT XF on the scalp and dry hair to cover them fully. 3 - massage the hair in order to obtain a complete impregnation of the hair. 4 - leave the 15-minute product 5 - follow the recommendations for rinsing POUXIT XF : wash the hair with a shampoo applying it directly to the hair without the wet with water. Rinse.

redo a shampoo according to the same procedure.